A young girl, who never knew her father, became a maid in a badly managed manor. When the manor’s Duke dies, his oldest son takes over. The new Duke has to struggle with his jealous, evil younger brother, who also impregnated the maid. Then came a remarkable turn of events.
They meet in a muddy ditch.
She is injured and angry. He is apologetic and solicitous. She is the daughter of an Earl. He is a war veteran and a farmer. Given all that, what  are their chances?  You’ll soon find out, dear reader. 
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Falling in Love with England
This is the story of my journey in England that inspired me to write Regency Romance Stories with photos from my time spent there. So, if you have fallen in love with my stories, the locations or my characters, you really must see where it all began. ~Amelia Fernside

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Falling in Love with England
I was one of the readers who longed to know more about Amelia Fernside's travels that inspired her to write these excellent romance stories. I hoped to see pastoral fields, rambling streams, peaceful lakes and other scenes evoked by reading her books. I was not disappointed. It's like a little trip back in time. ~Sandy Penny Favorite Books Blog

Reader Reviews:

Each Other
Clean, romantic and wonderfully engaging. Amelia Fernside has captured my heart, and each book I read continues to move me through many emotions. This story of a spoiled wealthy Lady and a poor servant who switch places to protect the Lady is great fun. The Lady learns humility and to consider the feelings of others, which is new for her. The ambitious servant girl learns the value of honesty. And, of course, there's some heart-pounding romance. I always want more when this author's short stories end, but not in the cliff hanger way, just that the book was such good company, I wanted it to tell me more.I love fre books. ~Sandy Penny Favorite Books Blog
The Winsome Maid
Times were tough for women in the Regency Era. If you were not a lady, and unmarried, you had about two choices, to go into service to the wealthy as a maid or cook or to become a prostitute. In this story, Cassie dreams of being more than a maid, but she does her job without complaint, lucky to be so well cared for.  Her employer, Duke William Banfield of Greystoke, is a good man, but he is struggling with his finances after his father died and left his estate in dire straits. The Duke's brother, Lord Hudson, is a rake, partying in London, bedding anyone he can seduce and spending more than his share of money. When Lord Hudson comes home, it is a recipe for disaster.  And none of them will escape the consequences  of his actions, especially Cassie. When Duke William receives several blackmail notes, something must be done. This is a really good story with a fairy tale ending and a few plot twists you won't expect. I give it five stars. Getting it free was a bonus. ~Sandy Penny Favorite Books Blog
Of Mud and Emotion
A young Lady's behavior was quite restricted in Regency times. They were not allowed to go anywhere without a chaperone, and their chastity was of primary importance in finding a husband. The slightest shadow of impropriety could ruin her reputation. When Miss Claire Elway takes the phaeton carriage on a drive alone, it is the beginning of disaster. When a hunter's gunshot spooks her horse, and she ends up in a ditch, she must be doomed to be discredited and forced to marry Baron Arthur Randall, a man she does not love. The hunter turns out to be Sir William Hathaway, and neither of them wants to admit to their attraction. Once again, Amelia Fernside has set up a series of events that tells a wonderful story of romance, mistrust, betrayal and resolution. I can't get enough of these slices of historical life. They make me long for some of the past and appreciate some of my life today. These romances provide a quiet moment away from the fast-paced techno world and restore my faith in love, romance and good men. ~Sandy Penny Favorite Books Blog
Each Other
Another Masterful Short Story. I have read every published work to date by Amelia Fernside. In my opinion she is the absolute master of clean, short story regency romances. I marvel at how she is able to put so much feeling, excitement, realism, and drama into so few pages. In this instance she sets up a situation where an upper class daughter and a lower class maid must temporarily switch places due to a security threat. I was captivated from the outset and remained riveted to the last page still yearning for more. I highly recommend Amelia Fernside as an author to be reckoned with if your taste runs to well written clean romance stories. ~B.D. Mann, Amazon Review