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Ruined by Love . Sequel to The Dowagers' Pact Trilogy
Now married, the three Ladies, their husbands and Marjorie, Detective Harry Webber's daughter set out for a weekend in Bath to celebrate the 25th wedding anniversary of their old friend. They hope it will be good for Marjorie who has been sick all winter, but is on the mend now. Once there, they notice something different about their friend, she's nervous and her husband is very difficult. Something is very wrong in that house, and secrets abound. Meanwhile, Marjorie makes friends with a young man not in their financial status, but she doesn't care. She will find a way to see him. Then the Lord of the house is murdered and Detective Webber has to get involved. It's a romance, a mystery and a good coming of age story. Great characters. Glad they are back together. And, Marjorie deserves her own story. She's smart, strong and adventurous. Loved it. ~Amazon Reader
Lady Laura and The Captain ...
Book 1 of the series:"This is the the sixth Regency short story I have read by Amelia Fernside. She is a master at her craft. As a senior myself, with a spouse of nearly 54 years, I can relate to the premise that Laura would and should find love again after losing her husband. It is rare for senior protagonists to be depicted in romance stories. I applaud Ms. Fernside for taking on the task. The anguish Charles felt over his war experiences provided extra drama that kept the pages turning. A high point for me was when Charles pleaded for leniency for the soldier who attempted violence against himself and Laura. I look forward to reading anything written by Amelia Fernside. Well done!" ~B.D. Mann
Sarah and The Historian ...
"Book 2 in the 3-book series is a wonderful story of a woman who knows what she wants in a man, now that she has raised her family and is on her own again. Tired of boredom, she's a little more daring than she would have been as a young woman, with fewer restrictions now imposed on her behavior. After an unsuccessful ball and a disappointing matchmaking dinner, she receives an invitation from a man who attended the ball, but was too shy to approach her. An intellectual, historian and genuinely direct man, she is intrigued enough to accept his invitations, and thus begins a new life with her own personal adventure . Great story, well told, with a very interesting conclusion. Even as a short story, it's meaty enough and captivating enough to make you long for your own adventure. I'm eagerly awaiting the next book to see what her third friend's quest will bring." ~Amazon Review
"Masterfully Written ... I love this concept. Romantic relationships are not just for the young, but give spice to life at every stage. Sarah and Jacob's story is a fast read, but does not lack in depth, interesting plot twists, or realism." ~B.D. Mann

The Dowagers' Pact Trilogy

"This is a well-researched and well-written historical series about women of a certain age. Three dowagers, who don't want to spend the rest of their lives alone, make a pact to pursue love together. It was so nice to see mature women approach finding mates in a mature way with definite goals and preferences in mind. With the social restrictions of the time, it was quite bold for them to do this. I loved all three books. The men are complex, sometimes a bit dark and confusing, but the women are determined to truly know and love their men and help them through their troubles and adventures. There's a mystery built into each of the romance stories, and that makes it juicier reading as their relationships unfold." And there are no spoilers, so you can read them in any order, although Laura and The Captain sets the tone for the others. ~Sandy Penny,
Deborah and the Mystery Man
Historical Romance, Mystery and Lasting Love: This is Book 3 in The Dowagers Pact Trilogy. Amelia Fernside has chosen a little older audience for these novels, instead of the usual Regency Romance focus on young women looking for first love. Three good friends who have lost their husbands decide to go against society's usual expectations and find love together. All of them had good marriages and have good memories of their former wedded lives, and neither wants to spend the rest of their lives alone. This one gets a little dangerous for Deborah as she chooses between two men. I love these books and definitely would like to see more aimed at this older audience (me). Not only does this author write good clean romance, she is also developing a mystery style that I really like. The stories are very real and could easily happen to anyone looking for love. It will be interesting to see what she does with their already well developed characters. If you're tired of the usual young dukes and duchesses going to balls and courting, this is a very pleasant surprise. ~Amazon Review


"A little love bird told me that Amelia is planning to keep these characters around for another go, maybe a mystery, now that the romance is sorted."
Escape from the Future, Find Love in the Romantic Regency Era

The Era of Enchantment

Five Book Boxed Set (Best Bargain!)

"Although no reviews have yet been posted for the boxed set (It's newly uploaded), all the reviews for the books below provide the insight you'll need to know if you want to buy the five-book set. It contains One Perfect Moment, The Unlikely Heiress, The Ugly Duckling, Grace's Last Affair and If One Sister Won't, The Other Will. I hope you'll be hooked enough to want them all. Happy Reading!"

~Amelia Fernside, Author of Regency Romance Stories

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"I appreciate the fact that the author was able to create conflict and tension without demeaning any of her characters."
"This is the story of how One Perfect Moment changed a young Lady's life and love story forever."
"Clean, romantic and wonderfully engaging."
Amelia Fernside has captured my heart, and each book I read continues to move me through many emotions.


"I was expecting a full length novel. I was initially disappointed to find it was actually a story only 54 pages in length and was the author’s first short story. That disappointment was overcome after reading the first few paragraphs. Amelia Fernside is no stranger to quality writing. I later learned that she is a journalist by profession. But this story reveals a writing talent well above and beyond the average journalist. Her decision to write her own regency romances is a stroke of genius that is destined to create a huge following of readers who appreciate quality regency romances.
In many ways a short story is a far more difficult challenge for an author than a 300-page novel. There is no room for fluff or wasted words. In my opinion Ms. Fernside proved herself a master at telling a well-rounded short story. I appreciate the fact that she was able to create conflict and tension without demeaning any of her characters. I expected to see a domineering father or a despicable proposed suitor, but she chose to show these characters as normal people with normal flaws and failings. Of paramount significance was her treatment of the protagonists. Their relationship was a bit like a fairy tale, but it worked beautifully for this story. Many kudos to Ms. Fernside for this short story. I am looking forward to reading all her future offerings."
Lady Mary-Anne is growing up and itching to see the world beyond Berkeley Manor. This is the story of how one perfect moment changes the course of her life forever. When her parents try to marry her off, she cannot allow it, as she has eyes and heart for one mysterious man that she met only once. Years have passed and he has not returned, but she trusts that he will come back for her in time. This tells the story of young ladies who were bound to do what their family told them to, and the possibility of something more wonderful happening. It’s a good story, well told and leaves you wanting more. In the spirit of Jane Austen, hope for a love match is alive and well. ~ Review by Sandy Penny, Sweet Mystery Books Blog
Amazon Review Excerpts
"The story is easy to read, flows nicely from the beginning to the end, is well situated in space and time, and it is well performed, you really feel you are there, also the characters are well described and with good describing characteristics."
"... I do look forward to other books from this author in the future. I honestly hope the author takes this story and expands it into a larger book ..."
"Lady Mary-Anne continues to hold out hope for her mystery man from many years ago, but time is running out. Fernside has written a wonderful story and it is very impressive how much character development she was able to capture with so few pages. Her descriptions not only capture the beautiful settings and scenery, but also the raw emotions of many of her characters. It is a wonderful novella and I hope to see many new books from Fernside in the future." 


Clean, romantic and wonderfully engaging: Amelia Fernside has captured my heart, and each book I read continues to move me through many emotions. This story of a spoiled wealthy Lady and a poor servant who switch places to protect the Lady is great fun. The Lady learns humility and to consider the feelings of others, which is new for her. The ambitious servant girl learns the value of honesty. And, of course, there's some heart-pounding romance happening. I always want more when this author's short stories end, but not in the cliff-hanger way, just that the book was such good company. I wanted it to tell me more. Clean, romantic and wonderfully engaging.
"This offering displays short story telling at its best by a master at the craft. I long for the day when Ms. Fernside embarks on the adventure of writing full-length regency novels."


This is Ms. Fernside’s second release and I have read both short stories. As a fan of clean romances, I have also become a fan of Ms. Fernside’s rather unique talent to craft totally believable story lines with characters who are fleshed out as living, breathing human beings. I appreciated the way Ellen really tried to live up to the expectations of her sisters and her aunt and accept Colonel Barington. I was impressed that Aaron Stewart demonstrated true love by acting to protect Ellen, even when he was under the impression she had no feelings for him. ... This offering displays short story telling at its best by a master at the craft. I long for the day when Ms. Fernside embarks on the adventure of writing full-length regency novels. ~Amazon Review
"This story could also be classified as a minor thriller. I was holding my breath during some of the scenes." ~Amazon Review
"Very Impressed - I read a lot of historical fiction but never tried Regency Romance before. Very impressed with this writer." ~Mike Nadine, Amazon Review
"This is not a formulaic romance, it's deeper and more profound. Please may I have some more?" ~Sandy Penny      ~~~
"The journey was exceptional" ~B.D. Mann
"The Ugly Duckling Left Me Wanting More of the characters' stories!" ~Marina

The Ugly Duckling ...

Another Masterful Short Story ...
This the the third offering I have read by Amelia Fernside, who is a master at writing Regency short stories. From the first paragraph I was caught up in the story to the exclusion of all else. At only 61 pages I consumed it in one sitting. With the title of "The Ugly Duckling" it was easy to see where things were going even before beginning to read, but the journey was exceptional. My heart went out to the little 5 year old girl whose disfiguring accident caused emotional pain and suffering for many years. The love of family and friends was critical and brought her back from the brink when she was almost ready to end her suffering. There were no real villains here, just ordinary people acting like ordinary people who are eventually able to overcome their shortcomings. True love triumphs in interesting ways. Treat yourself to a GREAT short five-star story! You won't regret it. ~ B.D. Mann, Amazon Review
"This story welcomes you and escorts you into the middle of a cliffside suicide. As you dangle on the precipice, waiting for that final reasoning thought that will take a dainty toe across the point of no return, you are thrown into the middle of a family in crisis. Hey, nothing like pumping up the old adrenaline to get your reading muscles going. The story ... is well written and keeps in the character of the time period. The characters become fully developed throughout the story, and you finally get to figure out who’s our protagonist and who’s our supporting cast. Oddly enough, there are really no bad guys (or girls) to yell “Boooooo” at ... The worst thing about this story is that it just ends too abruptly. It is one of the shortest stories I’ve read within the past two years, and that would have been okay, if I hadn’t felt cheated out of what happened next with these people ... I must say that I did enjoy this story. I liked the characters and wish I could have learned more about them (maybe what made them so eternally happy, happy, happy and willing to forego a lot of the proper rules and regulations of their century). The story is well written, the dialog seems genuine and the characters play human beings that seem to allow each other to be who they really are. An unusual approach to this otherwise sometimes hateful and backbiting, completely misunderstood and heartbroken protagonist romance novel world. I will be looking into more of this author’s work and crossing my fingers for a sequel to this story. I’m hooked." ~Marina, Amazon Review
A Swan Emerges
As a child, Augusta was disfigured in a fall. Now, although she is a wonderful person, no one seems to want to court her. She's 29 and tired of being pitied, lonely and overprotected by her family. She decides to take her own life. This is the story of her coming of age and declaring her independence and worthiness of being happy. It's a really nice romantic short story. I love how Amelia Fernside writes so often of those with life challenges who overcome them for their own highest good. Her heroines are hopeful, plucky and brave in a time period when women's lives were highly restricted and scrutinized. Good read, but it is a short story, so it may leave you wishing for more. This is not a formulaic romance, it is deeper and more profound. ~Sandy Penny, Amazon Review
Amelia's gift: The Ugly Duckling was such a joy to read. I love that I can still feel the romance in Amelia's work. I am sure this book can bring many of us back to those days when we felt uncomfortable in our own skin. This story will help remind us that we all have a true heart that so often is the greatest gift of all. It is a short read, which is great I can read several in one sitting. How could I not want to have more of her work? ~Jan OK, Amazon Review
"I appreciate Amelia's smooth flowing writing style ... I am pleased that she even threw in an unexpected plot twist or two." ~B.D. Mann
"Will Cecilia's sister return before the wedding, and break Cecilia's heart forever? Will she end up in America asa governess? ~Sandy Penny

If One Sister Won't, The Other Will ...

The Master of Short Stories
Has Another Winner ...
Having read Amelia Fernside's previous four short stories I had already concluded that she is a master storyteller of clean regency romance short fiction. I was not disappointed with this latest offering. The story was well conceived and the characterization well done. I appreciate Amelia's smooth flowing writing style and was pleased that she could even throw in an unexpected plot twist or two. Given the fact that the short story format places significant constraints on an author, the fact that Ms. Fernside can pack so much in so few pages testifies to her skill. ...I commend Ms. Fernside on a job well done. ~B.D. Mann, Amazon Review excerpt
Two Sisters and One Man ...
This is a well-written story of love in the time of arranged marriages. Can love triumph over family duty? A little divine intervention seems to be at work when Cecilia's sister runs out on her fiance, and Cecilia's hand is given in marriage to the man she already loves. But, will her sister return before the wedding, and will Cecilia's heart be broken forever? Will she be forced to go to America to be a governess? A very nice romance. This is a short story, so be sure you know that it is a very quick read. I always hate for these stories to end so quickly. Readers who love Amelia's characters want more. ~Sandy Penny,
"A quick, light read for today's chaotic stressful environment. A nice little vacation." ~Amazon
"Basic story was well constructed, the characterization superb. Ms. Fernside's descriptions were outstanding. My attention was locked in from page one to the end." ~Amazon

Grace's Last Affair ...

A Writer Finds his Muse ...
I'm growing more fond of Amelia Fernside's stories all the time. They are clean, sweet and full of hope and love. They are what romance is all about. When a rogue turns into a hero in the throes of love, and a woman's romantic notions are fulfilled by the frog turned prince, it is a satisfying read. I enjoy a quick light read in today's chaotic stressful environment. What a nice little vacation this was. ~Sandy Penny, Amazon
This is the fourth of Amelia Fernside's short stories I have read. ... I have become an ardent Amelia Fernside fan, as it is my opinion she is a master at telling short story regency romances of the highest quality. I liked Grace's Last Affair. ... The basic story was well constructed and the characterization superb. As usual, Ms. Fernside's descriptions were outstanding. My attention was locked in from page one to the end. ~Amazon Review Excerpt